Top ten things to bring to the beach. Sunglasses – an absolute must!

Published: 21st July 2010
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Top ten things to bring to the beach. Sunglasses - an absolute must!

When season hits summertime most of the people would love to spend their summertime at the beach. Some even book an airline ticket and have fun at another country. Local or international, it is the same.

There are lots of fun activities to enjoy at the beach aside from swimming. Some of them are:

• Lots of beaches have dolphins swimming near them. Take a boat and look for areas that are rich in dolphins.

• Food is always the best especially when you are swimming. It feels hungry when you get out of the beach.

• If you have children with you, it is best spending time with them making sand castles and write messages on the sand.

• Some beaches have boardwalk with them. It is a place where you can play different games like arcade games, ride the roller coasters and enjoy some summer concerts.

• Some beaches allow fire so it is great to have big parties with bonfires where your guests and visitors from all over the place can enjoy dancing, roast marshmallows, etc.

• You can go hiking to beaches that have nearby trails.

• Going fishing to the beach is a relaxing way to overcome stress.

• Some beaches offer seaside shops where you can enjoy seaside window shopping.

• Other beaches are located facing the ocean so these beaches are a good spot for surfing.

• If you love to look for seashells, you can spend your time looking for them all over the beach.

• You can stay relaxed under an umbrella and enjoy watching the horizon.

So now you are planning to spend your summertime at the beach. The first thing that comes up in your mind is what things are essentially need to bring along to the beach.

• Bathing suit - they are essential if you are planning to swim on the beach. Bring extra bathing suit with you for emergencies.

• Beach umbrella - they are important too when you want to relax under the sun or you can no longer bear the heat of the sun.

• Music or portable players like MP3 players - bring along some music with you to have a more rewarding experience with you. Do not forget to charge your portable players or bring chargers of your players with you.

• Cooler - Fill in ice and some soda to enjoy the beach.

• Flip flops - they are great when walking along the hot sand or over rocky areas of the beach. They are also easier to clean after using it.

• Sun block - make use of this to avoid the raging heat of the sun and avoid the dangers of skin cancer.

• Magazines - they are great to spend time when you love to read

• Body board - they are useful as a substitute for riding the waves if you do not have any surf board around.

• Beach towel - this can be used either to dry off after swimming or lay it over the sand for you to lie over.

• Sunglasses - This is one of the most important as they are going to keep your eyes healthy! Having sunglasses ( more about them here) with you helps protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Keep in mind the important things to bring along with you so that you can enjoy your time at the beach especially with sunglasses.

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