Benefits of using glasses

Published: 12th July 2010
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The great benefit of wearing glasses is that they help in regaining one's vision. Vision problems such as far-sightedness, near-sightedness, or astigmatism are eased by wearing glasses. Not only that, the rising concern of the harmful effects of UV rays makes wearing sunglasses (in Danish - solbrille) popular. Sunglasses give the needed protection of our eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight onto our eyes. Yes, glasses are not only intended in correcting vision problems, they are also highly intended at protecting your eyes. Here's how.

Let us examine the different types of glasses as well as their benefits.

i. Sunglasses

They guard your eyes from UV rays during daytime. UV rays damage your cornea and retina. Sound sunglasses can eliminate this light completely.Sunglasses also guard your eyes from glare. Reflection from water can give out a bright light spots which is disturbing and can conceal objects. Sunglasses can eliminate this kind of glare by polarization.They eliminates light frequencies. Certain light frequencies could lead to blur vision, and for some - icreased contrast. Picking out the appropriate color for sunglasses works in this particular situation.

i. Reading glasses

Magnifying or generic spectacles are used to treat hyperopia and presbyopia. For superior vision correction, lesser visual discomfort and fewer headaches, consult an optometrist. Purchasing glasses before visiting the doctor could put you at risk and possibly lead to glaucoma and AMD. It is best to have your eyes examined before purchasing glasses.

i. 3D glasses

These make three dimensiononal illusions in viewing special images. 3D glasses normally have cyan lens or one blue and red lens. Other 3D glasses have polarized filters vertically and horizontally using two images polarized for stereo vision.

These glasses contribute for 3D color which is commonly used in 3D movies.

i. Bioptics

These types of glasses have extreme magnification which helps in improving the distance vision of those suffering from eyesight impairment.

i. Bifocals

Due to old age, a person's focusing ability may reduce which can be covered up by using bifocal or trifocal glasses. Modern lenses give an even transition between various focal points making it unnoticeable to wearer.

It is of great benefit if you consult your physician first before buying glasses. True, glasses give a lot of benefits. These are not only intended for vision problems but greatly for the benefit of your eyes. Therefore, it is necessary that you should have your eyes checked in order to get the right diagnostics if you have eye vision problems or any other related illnesses that can be manifested through conducting series of eye exams. In this way, proper medication or corrective measures can be given without jeopardizing your health.

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